Oribi Gorge Wild 5

Wild Swing at Oribi Gorge

wild swing at oribi gorge

The Wild Gorge swing is an awesome experience that leaves you breathless but exhilarated. Situated at the top of Lehrs falls, it is the highest swing in the world. One steps or jumps off the waterfall to swing into the depths of the gorge in a 100m (33 Storeys) arc. A full body harness is used to allow for a comfortable ride.

Fully qualified personnel are on hand to prepare one for this experience.

Wild Abseiling at Oribi Gorge

The Wild Abseiling rig setup at Oribi Gorge was the first commercial abseil in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wild Abseiling is definitely for the more adventurous. It is presently the highest natural commercial abseil in the world at 110 meters. The first 45m is a cliff abseil where one traditionally abseils with their feet against the cliff while the remaining 65m is a free abseil allowing one to take in the beauty of the gorge from a different angle. Beginners are welcome! Qualified instructors are on hand to show you the ropes, so to speak. You will be given full instruction on the techniques and only when then instructor is satisfied, and all requirements met, will you be lowered over the edge, beside the magnificent Lehrs falls, a 170m waterfall.

Oribi Gorge Virtual Tour by 360 South Africa

Wild Slide

For the less brave the Wild slide is ideal. It involves sliding 120m along a steel cable 160m above the ground giving one a unique view of the gorge and Lehrs falls.

Wild Water Rafting

wild water rafting at oribi gorge

Wild water rafting on the Umzimkulu River provides a fun filled adventurous day outing. It comprises of two routes, one, a relaxed paddle with three memorable rapids and a second more exciting route which lasts a full day. The full day trip will comprise of rapids from grades 2 to 4, depending on the river conditions.

Both trips include refreshments on the river and lunch back at the Hotel afterwards.

Hiking and Mountain Biking

Attempt one of the trails varying from 1km to 9kms along the edge of the gorge or hike the foot of the Lehrs Waterfall.
Four hiking trails range from easy to very difficult. Both the Baboons trail and Camel trail (approx. 1km) are easy walks along the edge of the Gorge. Then Lehrs trail (1-2hrs) to the bottom of the Falls, is of average intensity and suitable for persons 7 years and upwards with no medical complications.

The new Echo trail (5-7hrs) is a guided hike along one of the tributaries of the Umzimkulwana river. The trail covers some dense, indigenous terrain with a steep climb out of the valley at the end. Oh, and be prepared to get your feet wet. Bookings are essential for the Echo trail, minimum 6 people required. A three day guided hiking trail is presently being mapped out and should be complete toward the end of the year. The trail will include white water rafting, abseiling and a one night stopover in caves in the area. Bookings for this trail will also be essential.

There are two mountain bike trails. The easy trail is along the gravel road to the view sites currently used by vehicles. The second trail (intermediate) follows the same route as the Baboons and Camel trails and, although slightly tricky in places, is the more popular and enjoyable.

Orbi Gorge Wild 5 is just 12km inland from Port Shepstone

Nearby Attractions: Oribi Gorge , Lake Eland Nature Reserve



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