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Our Reservist team have also been tasked to make introductory visits with Businesses as well as regular visits thereafter.  Please assist us by completing the requested logs by making an entry, with by means of your business stamp and/or name into their Notebook, as well as the visiting register handed to you by Corrie. The team, which is managed by Insp. Gavin Palmer of SAPS, is backed up by SAPS, Protection Services and GM/Criss Cross Security.

We feel strongly that with the help of SAPS, GM/Criss Cross Security, our Reservist, the Crime Prevention officers and our Community we will be able to get crime figures down and establish a safer environment. PLEASE ASSIST US BY REPORTING ANY SUSPICIOUS INDIVIDUALS, LOITERING, OR UNUSUAL ACTIVITIES IMMEDIATELY TO OUR 24 HOUR EMERGENCY NUMBER : 072 893 7767.  “Please also note, that if our CPF vehicle is on a current call out, your call can only be attended to after that call as is the same with SAPS and Protection Services”

In an effort to continue to enhance security through this initiative, we are urging every Body Corporate, individual residing in the Margate CBD area, business owners and landlords to donate whatever they can afford on a monthly basis to ensure we grow this initiative.

We would like to thank the following businesses and landlords for their continuous monthly contributions made during July 2012 and June 2013                : -

· The Regent B/C

· Windsor House B/C

· Hibiscus RV

· Sumelda Flats

· Itacha B/C

· Margate Court B/C

· Margate Sands

· Palm Park

· Wave Action

· Villa Del Sol

· Quiz Fashions

· Scooters Pizza

· East Coast Liquors




Our economic success, growth and sustainability depends on us creating an enabling and crime controlled environment to ensure that Margate remains one of the leading South African holiday destinations, where community health is ensured as they benefit from and support “Making Margate Safer for You” campaign and policy.

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